Culture lack of true individuality

Cult indoctrination of preprogrammed planned society

Culture misconstrued definition of the ancient community

Culture another term for human institutionalism

Culture a label to deceive the human his/her true idenity

Culture creates a bunch of robotic doers

Culture has no true “freethinkers,” only highly verbiage slaves to external servitude

Awake to the true meaning of what “culture,” so to arise to that state above.



A walk , though you see and precieve different acts of stupidity, smile  and be thankful and walk. We are free, (mind, soul), to walk and enjoy the connection of nature to ourselves. A time to empty and refocus even in the most chaiot sounds and sights that are encountered.  Everything, to know about that true you is within, and the walk around the creation of nature and to be in harmony with it. When taking a stroll, hold a piece of grass and loose your thoughts, and interact with  it,. Sounds crazy, but it helps you be in balance with yourself and the earth. You are light so be connected to the light of creation, and take that walk to be blessed and comforted, against those who have waived their right to be a producer but a destructor of themselves. Walk in peace and act in love and seek within to connect to the outside.


The lie, has been taught since the day we were birthed in this 3-D world. Why has everything been hidden  from us? Slavery, to a be a robbitic force of servitude for a particular ruling class. Our mind has been reprogrammed to believe in certain aspects of so called truth intergrated by social designers , to be abused and kept in terror .  We need to look to the inward man and use logic and understand the law of nature. Religion, politics, education, are carrot traps to keep one’s thought and perception entrapped to be a helpless dependent parasite. 

  Just look at the tv programing and the ads on the internet. This tatic is being used to throw all of your marbles in their system of thinking and doing . We are constantly distracted from finding our true self and true history and things that bring true purpose.  There are other ways they try to control us, but I will write about that later on.  The answer is within you, seek and meditate and understand we are more than just human beings, but light beings.  

Blocks Hindering

My brain hinders my progression upwards. Hopeless, strains the hands of a functionless dumb idiotic brain fog . Balanced, is a foreign word to this chemical imbalanced highly distracted boy in a supposed manhood state. Going back, there is nothing balanced about my fallen lifeless existence. I woke up to this nightmarish day, never being productive but only wasteful. Do, I have à probelm, reaching out in vanity, to understand my dim dilemma. My skill level is like à dunst staring in à corner of à third grade class. I am guilty of being shallow and coping with an addictive personality, with à shake of selfishness. I am in à small step by step process of transforming into à creative individual human species. It’s not about popularity but cold hard truth with à mixture of love.

Religion Prism

Religion has grasped the mind frame of each person who adheres to it’s system. If you look at the bible of the old testament, we can see how the elite would worship that kind of God, very wicked and bloodthirsty. I have to admit, I was a follower, believing in this type of mindset. True freedom does not accept things on blind faith, but research and logic, Labels are way to mark us to conformity to an authoritarian system that makes us slaves.
Religion is being used by the powers that be, to show the, “common man,”as being entrapped to do their bidding. Could it be, the gnostic way might be the correct view to understand life and world events that are happening today. Religion literalism, are being used as mass genius marketers to keep the masses of the human population in darkness and the true meaning of life. So, please wake up to see religion not the truth is a prism to keep us in servitude and blindness.Slaves

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