Religion Prism

Religion has grasped the mind frame of each person who adheres to it’s system. If you look at the bible of the old testament, we can see how the elite would worship that kind of God, very wicked and bloodthirsty. I have to admit, I was a follower, believing in this type of mindset. True freedom does not accept things on blind faith, but research and logic, Labels are way to mark us to conformity to an authoritarian system that makes us slaves.
Religion is being used by the powers that be, to show the, “common man,”as being entrapped to do their bidding. Could it be, the gnostic way might be the correct view to understand life and world events that are happening today. Religion literalism, are being used as mass genius marketers to keep the masses of the human population in darkness and the true meaning of life. So, please wake up to see religion not the truth is a prism to keep us in servitude and blindness.Slaves

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