The lie, has been taught since the day we were birthed in this 3-D world. Why has everything been hidden  from us? Slavery, to a be a robbitic force of servitude for a particular ruling class. Our mind has been reprogrammed to believe in certain aspects of so called truth intergrated by social designers , to be abused and kept in terror .  We need to look to the inward man and use logic and understand the law of nature. Religion, politics, education, are carrot traps to keep one’s thought and perception entrapped to be a helpless dependent parasite. 

  Just look at the tv programing and the ads on the internet. This tatic is being used to throw all of your marbles in their system of thinking and doing . We are constantly distracted from finding our true self and true history and things that bring true purpose.  There are other ways they try to control us, but I will write about that later on.  The answer is within you, seek and meditate and understand we are more than just human beings, but light beings.  

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