A walk , though you see and precieve different acts of stupidity, smile  and be thankful and walk. We are free, (mind, soul), to walk and enjoy the connection of nature to ourselves. A time to empty and refocus even in the most chaiot sounds and sights that are encountered.  Everything, to know about that true you is within, and the walk around the creation of nature and to be in harmony with it. When taking a stroll, hold a piece of grass and loose your thoughts, and interact with  it,. Sounds crazy, but it helps you be in balance with yourself and the earth. You are light so be connected to the light of creation, and take that walk to be blessed and comforted, against those who have waived their right to be a producer but a destructor of themselves. Walk in peace and act in love and seek within to connect to the outside.

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Freedom, knowledge, life, love, nature, truth, wisdom.

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